Colour Codes

Each series of cereal premiums were issued in a variety of colours. The colours we have available for sale are listed in code form, to the right of each picture. Below is the Colour Code used to describe colours on this website:

P = Purple; dP = Dark Purple; L = Lilac; flG - Flouro Light Green; lG = Light Green; dG = Dark Green; OL = Olive Green; R = Red; O = Orange; lB = Light Blue; dB = Dark Blue; A = Aqua; T = Turquoise Blue; lBR = Light Brown; dBR = Dark Brown; dCBR = Dark Chocolate Brown; PI = Pink; F = Flesh Pink; sPI = Salmon Pink; Y = Yellow; MU = Mustard Yellow; GY = Grey; W = White; M = Maroon